A memorable experience in one of the most important castles in Italy. The secret places, the unreachable walls, the underground passages, the towers. You can visit this only with us. An astonishing adventure is waiting for you.

The Odescalchi Castle seen from a perspective which only the luckiest can reach. The passion for the vertical perspective and the training to put it safely make this dream come true.

Our history

One day, coming back from our vertical adventures, we stopped to visit this beautiful monument. We entered its walls and with astonishment we realized that the Castle was speaking to us! It told us ancient stories, showed the period through its inaccessible paths; It narrated life as it was long ago, through its secret passages. For us it was love at first glance. At that moment, we decided to live it.

What you’re going to feel here:



Ancient Emotion

Secret passage

The life of those who lived here long ago: getting off the walls, entering the tanks, exploring the tunnels and the secrets.
You can live the castle as it used to be, discovering the deepest secrets of the fortress.

The most mysterious places, the darkest meanders of the Castle, give you today an emotional experience.
Towers and adrenaline

Vertical Emotion

The Odescalchi Castle of Bracciano from its highest point. The horizon is in front of you and it is so wide that it makes your hands sweat. Your breathing accelerates and you feel alive. Above you, only the blue sky. Below, a lake, the distant villages.

Facing the mountains, the horizon, the infinite. And...
Get down. And the heart is beating.
The high walkways


Enjoy a breathtaking panorama from an amazing perspective. You will tread the high walkways, like those who once guarded the walls. At the highest point ... YOU will be the highest point! And an unforgettable memory will turn into a unique photo. You will choose how much adrenaline you would like to produce: you can decide whether to hang out backward or frontward and you will realize that it is not the same!